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Criminal Defense Attorney in Harris County, Texas

Have you been accused of a felony, misdemeanor, or reckless driving and evading infraction in Harris County that you did not commit and seek swift and pain-free justice while maintaining your honor and dignity? You may have even committed a crime yourself and desire the best settlement possible. Be advised: we do our utmost to prevail comprehensively over the State, regardless of the cause or motive, and without regard to whether you 'did it'. They have to prove what they claim you did beyond a reasonable doubt. If they fail in that, they deserve to lose. Our Constitution says so. The Law Office of David R. Lee will facilitate the swift and most favorable possible outcome for our Houston Area clients. We will enter a plea other than 'Not Guilty' if and only if you tell us to.

That is, if you have been charged by the State under the Penal Code, Administrative Code, Health and Safety Code, Family Code, or Transportation Code, are required to appear before a local, county or State Court, or wish to appeal a reckless driving or evading conviction, The Law Office of David R. Lee will always deliver quality legal representation to the highest standards.

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Furthermore, The Law Office of David R. Lee in Harris County, Texas will always defend you honestly and ethically. David R. Lee will use every means lawfully at his disposal to ensure that he provides the strongest possible defense to the government's efforts to fine or imprison you, take your license, increase your insurance premium, cost you your job, etc., given the applicable law and evidence. The Law Office of David R. Lee will also consult with you on the options available, their relative merits, and suggest the best option for your unique needs. That is, we always place your best interests first, and will take proactive steps to go well beyond mere representation.

For instance, David R. Lee is required to enroll in continuing legal education initiatives (he serves on the faculty of two different lawyers' groups) so that he is ahead of the game and knows the legal nuances – thoroughly. David R. Lee also invests in research at the State and Federal level and closely watches the goings-on and issues raised by the membership of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) to ensure that his knowledge of legal statutes and rulings is up-to-date and accurate.