We listen to you. We want to get your understanding of why they are hounding you. We try to understand what you want and you expect to happen with the case. If we can better your expectation, we will. So you do not need to sell us. Our representation is not dependent on our believing you are innocent. We defend. We expose weaknesses and holes in their evidence and in their logic. We expose their baseless charges and suppositions, and the conclusions they jump to. We reveal their blind faith in people who are actually flawed and fallible. We are there to WIN your case, by any legal, ethical means. We will settle, if you tell us to. Settling is not winning. Getting you free of the charges, free of the threat of jail or prison time, free of the continuing damage that a conviction causes are out goals. We help put this behind you.

Criminal Defense Attorney

David R. Lee provides first-class criminal defense representation in Harris and surrounding Counties in State Felony and Misdemeanor Courts. First thing is to craft and file a tailored Discovery Request that seeks both evidence that tends to show guilt, and that which tends to show innocence. Get into their file and see much or how little it matches up with your understanding of the facts. See whether their charges are supported (at all) by their evidence, then start evaluating that evidence for reliability, believability, verifiability, the motives each witness may have for saying what they say, to identify self-interest on the part of the witness, how careless and confused the investigating officers were, and on and on. All these things are for me to know how to do, interpret, exploit etc. They are why you are hiring me, and not someone whose first instinct is to assume both that you are guilty and that the case is solid, and therefore to settle, instead of fight. It then becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. There is very nearly no such thing as a case that cannot be won.

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